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 ISPA OPPOSES this bill because it is a back door approach to crippling the cities’ ability to fund IPERS and MFPRSI PENSIONS.  

Currently in the State Legislature some elected officials are trying to reduce the city's ability to pay public employees and fund their pension systems. They are doing this by trying to push through a bill (Follow link HSB165) that is so complicated that few can even understand it.

They are doing it because a few special interest groups some from outside of Iowa want to continue their attack on public employees and drive down wages for all workers. On top of that they are trying to push the funding of pensions into the 8.10 levy which pays for employees’ wages and government projects, so they can try to bankrupt the pension systems. 

This is an obvious "backdoor" approach to crippling IPERS and MFPRSI, by eliminating the cities ability to fund these pension systems.  This is after they repeatedly told us during last year’s election season they would not touch public employee pensions.

We elect our Local government officials, be it a municipality, a county or local school district, to make our local decisions, not someone in Des Moines.  Our local officials should be trusted to make decisions that best serve those constituents.  The State placing restrictions on these local elected officials ability to decide the funding mechanism and limiting their ability to appropriate fund issues that affect their community goes against the principle of Home Rule.

This philosophy would not work in the private sector.  Would we allow or want Big Government to limit when a private sector business could raise and lower its prices for services, or say a private sector business could only grow their business by 2% annually.  There would be an outrage about government limiting open markets.  Open markets and local control are foundations of a capitalistic society. 

HSB 165 bill proposes to do just that.  Its intent is to limit the ability of a local elected council, board or other elected officials, to make decisions that best address economic issues in their communities.  It does this by proposing to limit local budget growth to 2% per year, regardless of the economic situation of the respective community.  

They know that Iowans have strongly supported Public Employees and their pension systems so they are trying to mask it in another bill. They are doing this with everyone including the Cities saying it will destroy the system and our ability to pay personnel and get stuff done.

HSB 165 has three groups that are for it according to lobbyist declarations. There are roughly a 100 or more against or undecided. So you tell me who are the legislators working for and listening to?    

For the record the three groups in support of the bill are:

Americans for Prosperity (Koch brothers)
Iowans for Tax Relief (David Stanley)
National Federation of Independent Business

It is time that Iowans wake up and figure out what is really going on. People need to know that public employees aren't your enemy.  They are the ones who teach your kids and come when you're in need. They plow your streets, pick-up your trash, mow and maintain your parks and keep you safe.  They want to make our communities a better and safer place to live, work and call home.

Please contact your local legislators and tell them not to support HOUSE Study Bill 165 in any form.  To find out your two Legislators (Senator and Representative) Go to: “FIND YOUR LEGISLATOR” at  Enter your address on the right side of the page and you will get both your State Representative and your State Senator.  Click the two names and you will be taken to a site where you can find out all kinds of information about each person (district, home address, home phone, committees, etc). 

You can call them at the legislature this week:  call the House Switchboard at:  515-281-3221.  She will write down your message and be sure and give your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS and ask them to VOTE AGAINST HSB165, the property tax bill because it hurts cities’ abilities to pay police pensions.


David McFarland-President
Iowa State Police Association

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The job that I enjoyed so much for nearly thirty years, would be made so much easier today by all the experts out there telling me how to do my job.  Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI), the ACLU or just anybody who has become an expert in law enforcement from watching marathon episodes of either COPS or Live PD. There is always someone out there today willing to step up and tell you what you did wrong and how you should have done your job better.

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Our partners’ stand-by us, they support us, they comfort us and they do their very best to understand us.  They put up with the odd hours, our absences due to duty requirements.  They often bite their tongues when we express our frustrations, our prejudices or just in general our venting about the behavior of citizens or administrative bureaucracy that inhibits our ability to do our job.  They are there to serve as our sounding board and be a buffer from the insanity that often threatens to destroy us.

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Dave Brown, DMPD Retired
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"CPS" vs "DHS"

When I joined the police department in 1974, it was not unusual for us to receive calls from our dispatch office directing us to go to a specific location -usually a parking lot to meet with "CPS".  CPS stood for Child Protective Services.  They were an agency of The State of Iowa.


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As you might imagine, I've given this a lot of thought (that by itself is a scary thought). Simple description that will brand me or anyone else who dares to talk publicly about it, hate monger and a racist.

On one hand you have the criminal justice system. On the other hand you have the minority community (for those who can't read between the lines, I'm speaking of the black community).

For many years, the problem between these two communities has always been the fault of the criminal justice system. All the fixes are always aimed at the police and never a syllable is spoken about correcting any problems in the minority community.

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Now hold on everybody, talk about a rush to judgment.  It seems like everybody wants to go after this poor 18 year old illegal alien -Fernando Lopez Aguilar.  He was the one driving the car at a speed that could be conservatively described as highly excessive.  He ran a stop sign on the southeast side and hit another car and hit another car which ultimately hit another.  He was driving a car with brakes that he knew did not work.  He had an 8 month old infant in the back seat of the car.  His actions took the life of 12 year old Lea Phann.  He has caused a number of people to face the burden of massive financial hardship because he did not have insurance.  Not to mention the horrible feeling of loss that Le Phann's family is having to endure.  Five ambulances were called to the scene of the horrific accident he caused and wouldn't you know it, he is the only that wasn't hurt.

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I have been retired from the police department for thirteen years now, I saw firsthand the problems that officers are dealing with on the street today, but to a lesser degree back in 2003 at the end of my career.  But I knew this was coming.  For years society has been demanding a kinder, gentler cop.  When in reality society has been becoming more and more violent -not just toward the police but each other.  Look what goes on in Chicago week after week.  Dozens of people being shot, quite a few of them killed. We deal with the same problems here in Des Moines just not to the same magnitude.

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Sgt. David F. Brown, DMPD Retired
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