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Second-guessing police endangers everybody

January 23, 2021

Second-guessing police endangers everybody

It has not been 12 hours since the attack on the U.S. Capitol and people are already condemning and questioning the allegedly poor response of the police assigned to protect it and our legislators who work there.

If their response was less than what people perceive it should have been, let me tell you why that probably was. Because they are no different than the men and women who patrol our streets every day. Who are getting sick and tired of being second-guessed by citizens who earned their law enforcement degree by watching reruns of “Law & Order,” and by mayors and city council representatives who are too busy trying to get reelected to truly care about what actually matters in their community, and by anyone else who has nothing more than a shiver for a spine who has painted a target on the backs of our officers for the sake of making themselves feel powerful.

When police officers hesitate to react, second-guessing themselves out of fear of political and media reprisals, it will cost lives. Those lives could be ours, but, more importantly, theirs. After all, that thin blue line is our last line of defense.

The last slogan we want to hear that has been adopted by law enforcement should be: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” God help us if it comes to that.

— David F. Brown, Des Moines

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