Des Moines Public Safety Officer 911

Des Moines Police Bargaining Unit Association

Our Mission

To insure a secure working environment as well as maintaining and enhancing the economic welfare of the organized members of the Des Moines Police Department. To protect our members against any situations deemed contractually unacceptable. Also, to constantly strive to improve membership unity.

We are excited to have been given the opportunity to inform you of our mission. The Internet affords us the luxury of telling you the facts without the media's perception and interpretation.

This page is published by the paying members of Local 10 Des Moines Police Bargaining Union.

Who We Are

Executive Officers

  • Stew Barnes, President
  • Ray Gallardo, Vice President
  • Don Ouimet, Treasurer
  • Scott Newman, Secretary
  • Jon Nablo, Chief Union Steward
  • Matt Harkin, Past President
  • Shawn Morgan, Social Media Coordinator

Union Stewards

  • Ryan Neumann, First Watch Patrol
  • Mitch Froehle, First Watch Patrol
  • Linda Powers, Second Watch Patrol
  • Asher Miller, Third Watch Patrol
  • Dusty Chapline, Third Watch Patrol
  • Jeff Dawson, Criminal Investigation Bureau    
  • Michael Fong, Vice/NCU
  • Adam Herman, Traffic Unit
  • Victor Gamboa, Homeland Security Bureau (Airport)
  • Matt Harkin, Homeland Security Bureau (Metro Star)
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