Des Moines Public Safety Officer 911

Remembering Our Fallen Officers

Des Moines Police Station illuminated in blue to remember our fallen officers.


On behalf of the Des Moines Police Burial Association and the Des Moines Police Bargaining Unit Association, we welcome you to our website. DMPS0911 is a joint venture between the aforementioned organizations, aimed at bringing the residents we serve closer to their police and fire departments.


Dispatch Live Feed

Listen to police and fire radio traffic on your computer's audio system. The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our combined police and fire dispatch center processes over 650,000 calls for service every year resulting in 250,000 trips. Close to 70,000 actual police and fire cases are generated.


Burial Association Mission

It's Purpose..........The Object

The Association shall be named and known as the Des Moines Police Burial Association. Organized for the Promotion and Welfare of its Members during their lifetime and defrayment of expenses incidental to their burial at death.


Bargaining Unit Mission

To insure a secure working environment as well as maintaining and enhancing the economic welfare of the organized members of the Des Moines Police Department. To protect our members against any situations deemed contractually unacceptable. Also, to constantly strive to improve membership unity.

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