Police Training not the main problem

Police Training not the main problem


(Reprint from the Omaha World Herald’s, Public Pulse Section, February 11, 2015)

Police training not the main problem

I’m getting confused with all the Pulse letters offering solutions to Omaha’s gang problem.

Let me see: Johnny grows up in a home life that is not the best. In fact, Johnny doesn’t really know who his dad is and mom isn’t much help with that information. As he grows up, he has less and less of a home life and sees less and less of either parent.

He decides that his taste in music is gangsta rap and his buddies are all gangsta rap wannabes. He begins to spend most of his time with these buddies and not in school. School doesn’t want anything to do with him because he is disruptive and uncontrollable. He takes to the streets, gets in trouble with the law, becomes a local gang leader.

One day Johnny is shot by a police officer. Parents meet. Church leaders meet. After hours of discussion, local authorities decide that police need more training? Really?

Kim Johnston, Omaha

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