The Unruly vs. Law Enforcement

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As you might imagine, I've given this a lot of thought (that by itself is a scary thought). Simple description that will brand me or anyone else who dares to talk publicly about it, hate monger and a racist.

On one hand you have the criminal justice system. On the other hand you have the minority community (for those who can't read between the lines, I'm speaking of the black community).

For many years, the problem between these two communities has always been the fault of the criminal justice system. All the fixes are always aimed at the police and never a syllable is spoken about correcting any problems in the minority community.

Oh my, how could I even bring up the subject. Retrain the police, create new policies to guide the police on the use of force (I really like that one) and of course there's always the old standby "don't use racial profiling" when deciding to who to arrest while enforcing the law. You certainly must know what that means. Let me explain for the brain dead out there who might read this. An armed robbery has just occurred and the area police are notified that a black man, approximately 6 foot tall, wearing a black hoodie with the words "Black Lives Matter in _____________ (you can insert the name of any city you would like), carrying a large paper sack with the loot from the robbery, running west down ______________(again you may insert the name of a street of your choice) and a large silver gun in hand.

Along comes this racist cop en route to the scene of the robbery. Oh CRAP there's a guy who fits the description that the police dispatcher just put out running down __________________ (your street of choice) carrying a large paper bag, but I don't see a gun.  DOUBLE CRAP, what’s a racist cop to do. He/she is thinking "careful now, no racial profiling." 

Over simplified, not really. Cops are faced more and more with those OH CRAP situations/decisions. As an example, a female cop in Chicago a week or so ago beaten half to death because she didn't pull her weapon to defend herself in a life threatening situation. If we could talk with her today she would probably tell us she was afraid of the repercussions and the second guessing that the liberal press and possibly the U.S. Attorney General would speak of for months on end and no doubt in the end causing to her deal with possible criminal charges or even her job.

Well, you get my point. When blaming a problem on only one side of an issue, the problem will continue in perpetuity no matter how many layers of retraining, etc. that are given to the cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that I think of it, OH CRAP I must really be a hate monger and a racist to even consider that there may be a problem in the minority community (read between the lines)!!!!!!!


Jim Trotter

DMPD Retired



   Now Hold ON

      Now hold on everybody, talk about a rush to judgment.  It seems like everybody wants to go after this poor 18 year old illegal alien -Fernando Lopez Aguilar.  He was the one driving the car at a speed that could be conservatively described as highly excessive.  He ran a stop sign on the southeast side and hit another car and hit another car which ultimately hit another.  He was driving a car with brakes that he knew did not work.  He had an 8 month old infant in the back seat of the car.  His actions took the life of 12 year old Lea Phann.  He has caused a number of people to face the burden of massive financial hardship because he did not have insurance.  Not to mention the horrible feeling of loss that Le Phann's family is having to endure.  Five ambulances were called to the scene of the horrific accident he caused and wouldn't you know it, he is the only that wasn't hurt.

     But what is so different about him than so many other drivers we have out on the street today?  They treat our laws as suggestions.  Speed limits mean absolutely nothing to them.  In actuality none of our laws mean anything to so many people today.  They view our laws as antiquated legislation that was created by antiquated people who are merely trying force a life style on them that they feel is oppressive to their style of life.  After all they have grown up being able to "live for the minute." No actually I should correct that, they live for the second, because that is actually how far they look ahead of them.

     Their attitude is very simple and this is how they conduct their lives.  Simply put they feel that the law does not apply to them.    

     This is what is out there on the road people.  We see it every day.  People driving well over the speed limit weaving in and out of traffic just because they cannot stand to be behind someone else.  They act like other motorist are either not there or have no place being on the street when they are.

     Then when they get caught or become involved in an accident it is always someone else's fault.

     Lopez Aguilar's girlfriend characterizes his actions as just a simple mistake.

For Lopez Aguilar to have inflicted this much carnage, both to people and property he had to have been driving like a bat out of hell.  His actions almost resemble a death wish.  That does not even come close to be a mistake or even poor judgment.  This was out and out criminal behavior.  But what the heck, he was having fun.

     None-the-less we should not be condemning him.  Because after all he was having fun and we do not want to inhibit his freedom to just whatever he damn well pleases because we could hinder his creativity and we might lose a gifted artist or brilliant physicist or the next leader of the free world.  Regardless of how much their fun threatens our safety.  You cannot expect them to be accountable for their own actions when so many of you out there today feel that we should not be putting restrictions on people, like have them obey the laws and respect people and their property.  That is until something like this happens and now you want something done and you want it done right now and further more you want to know who to blame for it.  If you are one of those people who feel that we should be promoting a fuzzy warm feeling with people who are out of control and let people do whatever makes them happy so we don't hurt their feelings, then look in the mirror and say, shame on you.


David F. Brown

DMPD Retired



The Unruly vs. Law Enforcement

     I have been retired from the police department for thirteen years now, I saw firsthand the problems that officers are dealing with on the street today, but to a lesser degree back in 2003 at the end of my career.  But I knew this was coming.  For years society has been demanding a kinder, gentler cop.  When in reality society has been becoming more and more violent -not just toward the police but each other.  Look what goes on in Chicago week after week.  Dozens of people being shot, quite a few of them killed. We deal with the same problems here in Des Moines just not to the same magnitude.

    I saw how more and more frequently when an officer would attempt to make an arrest that the suspect would turn violent and resist the officer.  It was like we were expected to make an appointment with the suspect to schedule a convenient time to take them into custody.  And if the officer used force to make the arrest then they were subjected to criticism from the community and intense arm chair quarter backing from some very wishy washy administrators.

    The trouble today is that we have a select group in our society -and this group is not limited to one particular racial group, it is a generation of people who honestly feel that our laws simply do not apply to them.  Our laws are an inconvenience to them.  They want to go out and do whatever they want and expect to get away with it.  And if confronted by the police they will just fight their way out of it and if the police so much as raise an eyebrow to defend themselves they will bring down a media firestorm on the officer(s) involved.  It is always someone else's fault, is their defense and method of operation.  

     The bigger and scarier problem is that we have a large number of people in our society who feel we should simply acquiesce to the their desires and beliefs.  If we just ignore them and promote a warm fuzzy feeling our world will be a much safer and peaceful place.  It is a good thing for people who feel like that, that being stupid is not against the law.

     Thankfully we have some good men and women who want to do the job of police officer.  They are our first and last line of defense.  They are out there to protect us from all the bad things that threaten our well being.  Unfortunately they cannot protect us from stupidity. 


Sgt. David F. Brown

DMPD Retired




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