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Take A Tour

Des Moines Police Headquarters

Take a photo tour of the Des Moines Police Department Headquarters.

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Night shot of Des Moines Police Department with Iowa State Capitol in background. Des Moines River in front.

Identification Technician, Jerry Wilson, works with the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System).

Des Moines Police and Fire Communications Section (dispatch).

Des Moines Police Property Management Supervisor, Sharon Schinkel hard at work. (Don't believe it!)

Administrative Services Division service counter. First floor of Police Station.

Officer mural behind the service counter on first floor of Police Station.

One of three Watch Offices in the Patrol Services Division.

Rollcall Room, Patrol Services Division

Captain Foghorn Leghorn presiding over Rollcall.

Crimes Against Property Section, Criminal Investigation Division.

Identification Technician, Rex Sparks, working on blood spatters.

Unidentified human skull located in Lieutenant James Bonwell's office, Commander of the Identification Section, Criminal Investigation Division.

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