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City Government

Insert picture hereThe City of Des Moines operates under a Council-Manager form of government. Members of the City Council set policy and the City Manager administrates it. Council members serve a four-year term and represent various sections of the City. In Des Moines, there are two At-Large Council Seats, four Ward Seats, and the Mayor's Seat. A total of seven elected officials govern the City.

Des Moines' City Manager is Mr. Rick Clark. Mr. Clark oversees and is responsible for all day to day City operations. Des Moines police officers and Mr. Clark share a mutual commitment to provide the residents of Des Moines with only the most professional, timely, and efficient police service possible.


Mayor Frank Cownie 515-283-4944
At-Large Chris Coleman 515-237-1622
At-Large Skip Moore 515-237-1621
Ward I Bill Gray 515-237-1623
Ward II Linda Westergaard 515-237-1624
Ward III Christine Hensley 515-237-1625
Ward IV Joe Gatto 515-237-1626

Council Secretary    515-237-1361

City Manager Scott Sanders 515-283-4141
City Action Center    515-283-4500

City Clerk Diane Rauh 515-283-4209

Police Chief Dana Wingert 515-283-4800
Fire Chief John Tekippe 515-283-4237
City Legal Jeffrey D. Lester 515-283-4130


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